Uniqueness, Terroir, and Selection

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Our Winery

The essence of Bodegas Prieto Pariente is rooted in the practice of viticulture in our land and the expression of the Castilla y León terroir through unique wines.

Nuestra bodega nace de la ilusión de los hermanos Martina e Ignacio Prieto Parientesegunda generación de Bodegas José Pariente (D.O. Rueda) – por emprender un proyecto vitivinícola con un estilo muy personal. Su meta es crear vinos singulares, que aporten un carácter diferenciador, un perfil de frescura y de complejidad.

To achieve this, they embarked on an almost two-year search for old and unique vineyards, from the province of Valladolid along the Duero River to the mineral slopes of the Sierra de Gredos, in some cases rescuing centuries-old vineyards that were about to be uprooted.

The style was clear from the beginning: "Wines that express the singularities of each soil, each climate, through delicate winemaking. We firmly believe in sustainable viticulture and respect for our roots."


Tradition, sustainable viticulture, and respect for our roots.

We perform manual harvesting of all our vineyards, with a first grape selection in the field. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes rest in a refrigerated chamber for a few hours to reach the optimal temperature for winemaking.

After a second manual selection on the sorting table, grape by grape, it is transported by gravity to 2,500L fermentation tanks, allowing us to perform a vinification by parcel.

We choose spontaneous fermentations, light pressings, extended macerations, and light extractions. Aging, between 12 and 18 months, is done in French oak barrels, foudres, demi-muids, and oval-shaped concrete tanks.


Our strong commitment to R&D allows us to constantly search for new winemaking techniques and improvements in our viticultural practices. Our ultimate goal is to produce wines of the highest quality and respect for the environment.

Following our goal of producing unique and exceptional wines, we have embarked on the MACEWINE research project. Directed by Martina Prieto Pariente and supported by CDTI and FEDER funds, collaborating with VITEC, we are looking for the best maceration techniques for the Tempranillo and Garnacha varieties.


Los Páramos de Valladolid

The province of Valladolid contains a great viticultural diversity, with very old vineyards, examples of ancestral viticulture, low production, and great historical significance.

Two of our red wines are made with the Tempranillo and Garnacha grape varieties from old, low-yielding vineyards. Each vineyard is vinified separately, allowing us to select the most suitable blend for each of them in the winery.

Pedrosa del Rey

Varieties: Tempranillo and Garnacha.
Soil: Pliocene sandstones, clays, and calcareous pudingas, which on the surface give rise to calcareous brown soils on unconsolidated material.
Planting: 1955.


Varieties: Tempranillo and a small vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon.
Soil: Sands, limestones, and vesicular clays.
Planting: 1941 and 1950.

La Seca

Varieties: Viognier.
Soil: Calcium and magnesium-rich brown soils, stony with good aeration and drainage. Calcareous outcroppings. Arenolimous and limous texture.
Planting: 1999.

Sierra de Gredos

In this place we produce our monovarietal Garnacha wine, Confines de Prieto Pariente. The grapes come from two old vineyards located in Cebreros and San Bartolomé de Pinares.


Varieties: Garnacha.
Soil: Slate.
Altitude: 1005m.
Planting: 1922.

San Bartolomé de Pinares

Varieties: Garnacha.
Soil: Granite.
Altitude: 1059m.
Planting: 1935.

Sustainable Viticulture

Our winemaking philosophy is based on several pillars, among which the firm commitment to the environment stands out.
We opt for sustainable viticulture, free of chemicals, and respectful of the surroundings.

The Wines

Viognier de Prieto Pariente 2021

100% Viognier.
La Seca (Valladolid)

We have located a small Viognier vineyard hidden in the province of Valladolid. From it, we have extracted the essence of the variety to create an aromatic wine with volume and weight.

La Provincia 2020

65% Tempranillo y 35% Garnacha.
Mucientes y Pedrosa del Rey

From the vineyards of Mucientes and Pedrosa del Rey, planted in 1924, 1946, and 1956. This wine embodies the viticultural diversity of the province of Valladolid, expressing delicate fruit freshness and complexity.

El Origen 2020

95% Tempranillo, 5% Garnacha.
Mucientes y Pedrosa del Rey 

From the vineyards of Mucientes and Pedrosa del Rey, carefully selected for their singularity and age. This wine aims to convey the sober elegance of our land, resulting in a crystal-clear and complex wine.

Los Confines 2020

100% Garnacha.
Cebreros y San Bartolomé de Pinares (Sierra de Gredos).

A monovarietal Garnacha wine from two high-altitude vineyards located in Cebreros and San Bartolomé de Pinares, within the Sierra de Gredos. The combination of slate and granite soils, together with the acidity provided by the altitude, gives rise to a complex and balanced wine with freshness and elegance.

Wine Tourism

Come to visit us, enjoy our surroundings, and discover our wines.
During our guided tour, you will have the opportunity to get to know both Bodegas Prieto Pariente and Bodegas José Pariente, our vineyard, and our winemaking process, culminating in an explanatory wine tasting and sampling of our wines.
We also offer the possibility of organizing tailor-made events to meet your specific needs and preferences.